Apply for a scholarship

If you’re suitable enough and if you believe in yourself, apply for a scholarship! Scholarships are offered to those students who meet the grade requirement. Students are required to take and pass the qualifying exam.  The scholarship will help you cover a part, or sometimes,  full of your tuition fees. Some scholarships offer monthly allowance too. It’ll  help your parents a lot. 

Look for part- time jobs

If your schedule permits,  try to find part- time jobs. Nowadays, fast-food and call centers accept part- timers, even for college students through its flexible work schedule. 

Start saving

 If you have an extra income from your part- time jobs or extra money from your weekly allowance, create a savings account! It is the most suitable and enforcing practice for all. 

Set financial goals

It is better to set your financial goals now. Have a goal and focus! Financial goals are targets, usually driven by specific future financial needs. Some financial goals you might set as an individual include saving for a comfortable retirement, saving to send your children to college, or managing your finances to enable a home purchase. 

Get a job right after the graduation

If you really want to earn money for yourself, apply for a job  immediately after graduation! Having a job at a young age will help you develop your skills, exposure and resilience. Try to look for a job that is in-line with your interest and passion.