We all know that almost all Filipinos suffer from Petsa De Peligro! This is the situation where an employee tries to stick with his remaining cash few days before the payday. Here are some tips to reward yourself and help you against Petsa De Peligro syndrome. 

1. Budget your salaryBudgeting your money and salary is the best way to avoid Petsa De Peligro. You must prioritize all your expenses and dues. You must create a list of your expenses and compute accordingly to avoid unnecessary expenses. By budgeting your salary, you can also save money for your future needs. Spending your money wisely can help you avoid Petsa De Peligro.

2. Limit your withdrawalsDon’t be a habit to always withdraw money from your ATM. Limit your withdrawals to at least once a week. Discipline yourself, and keep an eye on your expenses. Classify your expenses accordingly and don’t be in a 1- day millionaire situation. It’s ok to treat and reward yourself but keep it gradual.  

3. Learn how to say No to night-outsWhen your budget is at risk, learn how to say no. Discipline yourself. Choose hobbies at home that require less spending. Choose expense- free activities instead. Be creative. Be practical. 

4. Learn how to commuteLearn how to commute. Ride the jeepney. Ride the bus. Ride MRT and LRT. Enjoy the ride!! 

Wise budgeting of your salary can make yourself free from Petsa De Peligro!!